"Limited liability attraction" and "Air" | Monsun Theater | Hamburg

We’re happy to present two of our works in Hamburg! "Limited liability attraction" and "Air". March 8, 9, 10 | 8.00 p.m. Monsun Theater, Friedensallee 20, Hamburg, Germany

"Limited liability attraction"
Choreographer: Olga Labovkina
Artists: Igor Shugaleev, Aleksei Matyshev, Aleksandr Filippov, Olga Labovkina
Lighting designer: Sergey Novitskiy.
Duration: 45 minutes.

Limited liability attraction

This performance is an ironic attempt to look at the relationships of a man and a woman from different angles, to understand the differences in perception of situations and actions. Everything that happens between them is compared to attraction, where nobody takes responsibility, nobody knows the scenario and nobody is insured against anything.

The play was first presented and close the International Theatre Forum "M@ RT-contact". Later it was performed in Kyiv, Grodno, Vitebsk and Minsk (within the framework of the 1st Triennial of Contemporary Art and the Festival of plastic Theatre “PLASTforma”), in Teatri de Vita (Bologna, Italy).

Choreographer: Olga Labovkina
Artists: Olga Labovkina, Ivan Sachkov , Aleksandr Filippov.
Sound designer: Dmitriy Lades / AORTHA.
Lighting designer, Mapping: Sergey Novitskiy.
Duration: 20 minutes.


In this performance we are playing with idea of freedom, of air – as a space for free intentions… "…The idea is hanging in the air", "…It’s my air grating", "There was no air in their relationships". If the air disappears, what would be left?

A winner of young choreographers contest 2017 at international dance festival "CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva".

March, 8,9,10
8.00 p.m.
Monsun Theater
Friedensallee, 20, Hamburg, Germany
Tickets are available at the theatre web site at: https://monsuntheater.reservix.de/events
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