Olga Labovkina - dancer, choreographer and performer working in the field of contemporary dance, visual art, movement theatre and performance


KARAKULI dance theatre
театр танца KARAKULI

– is not a set of people and relationships, but rather a set of collective and individual processes. We are a group of independent creative units, experimenting with movement, with meanings that our body can show. We demonstrate different ideas, objects, images, nuances, the value of which changes in the visual context of the game ... We are practicing the love to dance and performance and observing a common ground with other forms of art.

recent work:


"Air" – dance performance (2018)

"Performance that strikes the public with its moral, physical and aesthetic risk." "AIR" as a short miniature became the winner of the Young choreographers' contest during the CONTEXT festival. Diana Vishneva 2017 (Moscow). More: "AIR"



"Air" – short miniature (2017)

A winner of young choreographers contest 2017 at international dance festival "CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva 2017"... More about: short miniature "Air"


"HOMO TEGENS" – performance

"HOMO TEGENS" alongside with such philosophical concepts as “homo sapiens”, “homo faber” or “homo ludens”, "HOMO TEGENS" determines a person as someone who enclothes and overcoats everything including himself (tegimen, lat. – an overcoat, cover, protection). More: "HOMO TEGENS" – performance