dance piece

"Jagen" - dance piece by Olga Labovkina for Tanzcompagnie Giessen (Artistic director : Tarek Assam).

dance piece

"Let sleeping dogs lie" - dance piece by Olga Labovkina and "Doroga iz Goroda" Dance Theatre created special for the Context. Diana Vishneva programme for New Holland Island (Saint-Petersburg) on the Bottle House round stage.


short miniature

A winner of young choreographers contest 2017 at international dance festival "CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva".

The process of learning something that we call performance art, or the art of dancing, or art in a general wide sense happens to be a lot more intense through cooperation rather than in the context of any institution. We aspire to be surprised and we invite others to feel the same. We let unusual things happen, we find and lose answers. Any art production process implies a research, a game of spontaneity and structure.



"Picasso and Goya . Corporal utterance." This performance is a reflection on prints presented at "Goya... Picasso" exhibition in National art museum of the Rubublic of Belarus.



"HOMO TEGENS" alongside with such philosophical concepts as “homo sapiens”, “homo faber” or “homo ludens”, "HOMO TEGENS" determines a person as someone who enclothes and overcoats everything including himself (tegimen, lat. – an overcoat, cover, protection).



performance "ADOPTION" was first presented at graduate students final exam of the "Scientific-creative laboratory of the composition of contemporary forms of dance” (magistracy) (Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg).


research dance work

this is a result of cooperation work of Olga Labovkina as an invitee choreographer and TOTEM Dance Group (TDG) (Kiev, the Ukraine).


Scientific-creative laboratory of the composition of modern forms of dance

Performance “Hair” is a series of monotone disparate visual pictures composed as a collage. Monotonous course, as well as lack of rhythmical dynamics were chosen consciously aiming to create the feeling of certain motionless, tension, impatience and sometimes even unbearable perception, the same as unbearable coexistence of artists in acting space.