KARAKULI Dance Theatre

– is not a set of people and relationships, but rather a set of collective and individual processes. We are a group of independent creative units, experimenting with movement, with meanings that our body can show. We demonstrate different ideas, objects, images, nuances, the value of which changes in the visual context of the game ... We are practicing the love to dance and performance and observing a common ground with other forms of art.

In 2008 KARAKULI dance theatre was created by Olga Labovkina.

The statements created by the theatre were presented at such festivals as "IFMC" (Vitebsk), "the Gold Mask" (Moscow), "Zawirovania" (Warsaw), "Zelyonka-fest" (Kiev), "Teart" (Minsk), "Plastforma" (Minsk), "M@rt-Kontakt" (Mogilev) etc. In cooperation with the choreographer Sibrig Docter (Sweden) created the performance “Where The Water Flows Uphill”, it was awarded at the International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” in the nomination “Experiment”(Brest) . In 2010 KARAKULI dance theatre was invited by Svenska institutet (SI) to Stockholm for acquaintance with culture of Sweden. Visit of events of the Northern Dance Platform festival became the main dancing impression.

In December, 2014 КARAKULI dance theatre was invited by "Teatri di vita” to Bologna (Italy) . There were organized 4 solo evenings and 2 performances "One in a Square" and "Limited Liability Attraction" were shown.

The theatre continues its development, being in a process of creation of new works, taking active part in actions in Belarus, and also touring with performances to Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow.


dance performance (2018)

Performance that strikes the public with its moral, physical and aesthetic risk. "AIR" as a short miniature became the winner of the Young choreographers' contest during the CONTEXT festival. Diana Vishneva 2017 (Moscow).


dance performance (2016)

V a s e n - E x t a s e n - the borrowed name of our new dance performance, the ground field of study of which is a withdrawal from the normal daily state of consciousness and body...

Перформанс "Один в квадрате"

Performance (2014)

One in the square is a kind of a model of the world, where everyone is limited by its carefully built zone of comfort...

limited liability attraction | Karakuli dance theatre

The statement (2012)

The statement "Attraction with limited liability" is an attempt to look at the relations of a man and a woman from different point of view, to understand differences of perception of situations and actions, to visit several stages of development of the relations. All events between them are compared to an attraction where nobody takes responsibility, nobody knows the scenario and nobody is insured.

Там, где вода течет вверх

Performance (2010)

The performance "Where The Water Flows Uphill" was made in cooperation with Sybrig Dokter (Sweden). The main theme of research was “a group phenomenon”.


Performance (2011)

You sit in a room, fondly fronting its emptiness. Fixed evening has nestled to the window ... But someone else enters the room.This is called MEETING OF PEOPLE. It doesn't matter whether you exchange your views, or words, or touches. The sense of co-presence, spreads like paint stains, fill s each of you and connects tangible streams of unexpected shades. ... Spots… Spots… Spots... ... Nobody leaves the room the way came.

Уровень завершен

choreographic miniature (2010)

Мы все попадаем в свои обстоятельства, чтобы выполнить определенный урок и перейти на следующий уровень - таковы правила игры. Когда долго идешь к цели, ты уже не похож на себя, начинавшего путь. Возможно, победа и проигрыш станут абсолютно одним и тем же.


The statement (2009)

We all find ourselves in their circumstances, to perform a certain lesson and move on to the next level - these are the rules of the game. When you go for a long time, you're not like yourself, who started his path. Perhaps, the victory and loss will become absolutely the same. When at the height of a holiday you look at the familiar faces disfigured by intoxicated fun suddenly you start feeling how inside, somewhere in a stomach, black emptiness of loneliness from which at first there is no place to hide, and grows then and there is nothing already. It spreads until fills you completely, and isn't clear any more, where you are, and where it is... And at this moment everything turns over around, you cease to exist in this reality, and you come to life in some another... If you're lucky, of course …