KARAKULI Dance Theatre

– is not a set of people and relationships, but rather a set of collective and individual processes. We are a group of independent creative units, experimenting with movement, with meanings that our body can show. We demonstrate different ideas, objects, images, nuances, the value of which changes in the visual context of the game ... We are practicing the love to dance and performance and observing a common ground with other forms of art.

In 2008 KARAKULI dance theatre was created by Olga Labovkina.

The statements created by the theatre were presented at such festivals as "IFMC" (Vitebsk), "the Gold Mask" (Moscow), "Zawirovania" (Warsaw), "Zelyonka-fest" (Kiev), "Teart" (Minsk), "Plastforma" (Minsk), "M@rt-Kontakt" (Mogilev) etc. In cooperation with the choreographer Sibrig Docter (Sweden) created the performance “Where The Water Flows Uphill”, it was awarded at the International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” in the nomination “Experiment”(Brest) . In 2010 KARAKULI dance theatre was invited by Svenska institutet (SI) to Stockholm for acquaintance with culture of Sweden. Visit of events of the Northern Dance Platform festival became the main dancing impression.

In December, 2014 КARAKULI dance theatre was invited by "Teatri di vita” to Bologna (Italy) . There were organized 4 solo evenings and 2 performances "One in a Square" and "Limited Liability Attraction" were shown.

The theatre continues its development, being in a process of creation of new works, taking active part in actions in Belarus, and also touring with performances to Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow.


dance performance (2018)

Performance that strikes the public with its moral, physical and aesthetic risk. "AIR" as a short miniature became the winner of the Young choreographers' contest during the CONTEXT festival. Diana Vishneva 2017 (Moscow).

"AIR" as a short miniature became the winner of the Young choreographers' contest during the CONTEXT festival. Diana Vishneva 2017 (Moscow). It was also shown in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Hamburg, Bern, Vitebsk at IFMC-18, etc. The premiere of the full-length performance by Olga Labovkina and KARAKULI DANCE THEATER on September 8 and 9, 2018 was a great success.

In this artwork we are playing with the idea of ​​air, treating it in different semantic ways.

Air as a symbol is an information matrix for an entity that is about to become real. Spirit. Here, this entity has no physical qualities. Here "something" becomes itself. Air in this sense is a restless space of options that requires filling it with an action.

We are also taking into consideration the strong psychosomatic connection with this concept. You can not get tired to breathe ... or forget, or change your mind ... Phrases "I need it like the air", "I breathe you," etc. reflect this connection on a metaphorical level. Through the body we come to understanding air as the space of aspirations, the space of inner freedom.

What remains if the air is running out? Together with the characters of the play, we find ourselves in a certain conditional reality, where the space-time and cause-effect relationships are broken. This is a kind of end of time, the point at which we are already dead, all things are done, missions are fulfilled. What's next?

Statement: Olga Labovkina
Artists: Olga Labovkina, Aleksandr Fillipov, Ivan Sachkov.
Sound design: Dmitriy Lades | AORTHA.
visualisation: Sergey Novickiy.
Duration: 70 min.