"HOMO TEGENS" alongside with such philosophical concepts as “homo sapiens”, “homo faber” or “homo ludens”, "HOMO TEGENS" determines a person as someone who enclothes and overcoats everything including himself (tegimen, lat. – an overcoat, cover, protection).

This performance is an ironical attempt to look into notions of “contents” and “containing”, of the inner and the enclothed. The authors are playing with unlimited multiplicity of “packagings” in people’s culture and perception. Initially, a person is put into a body, than covered with clothes, then – with convictions, views, estimates and social behavior requirements, thus, separation of a packaging from its contents becomes challenging. Sometimes people are even enrobed into each other, constructing temporary and factitious protection, creating personal comfort zone. And sometimes it becomes incredibly difficult to reach a pure essence under all these “clothes” and “packagings”…

One of the central figures of the performance is craft (paper grade). Being a participant of the performance, it creates different images on the stage and changes its context. This brings inherent value to the idea of enclothing in culture. What if we are deprived of contents as such in general?

The genre of choreography is contemporary dance. “This type of dance does not have its dancing base line. Through borrowing and transforming movement culture, it uses diverse conceptions and approaches to body work and deems to be research oriented as far as experimenting with ways of information delivery”.

Production: Olga Labovkina
Performance: Action Dance Company (Novosibirsk)