art short film 2

education project

This showcase is a result of a video dance workshop oriented at researching and creating an Art Short Film in the said genre – video dance. Short movie.

УThe participants of the workshop were invited to divide into groups in order to develop some concept within each group. Apart from that, the workshop also included working with body aimed at researching different ways of body involvement, partnering and studying ways of communication as well as technical aspects of a “body dialogue”, working with camera as a partner…

Ideas, concepts – participants of the workshop: Olga Rabetskaya, Andrey Chesnokov, Valeria Khripatch, Igor Chipovsky, Tatiana Dudevich, Anya Korzyuk, Tatiana Yakimchenko, Dasha Parfyanovich, Evgenia Nikolaichuk, Tatyana Antonova, Irinika Basalayeva, Katia Atkaeva.
Directed by: Olga Labovkina.
Camera & editing: Petr Dainovsky, Navi Vokavis, Dmitry Zverev, Nikolay Laydra, Olga Labovkina

Contemporary Art Center
Minsk, Nekrasova str., 3