dance performance (2015

Dance performance "Please, stay seated" was created during a 10-day workshop and meant specially for “GogolFest” dance festival (Kiev, the Ukraine), which in year 2015 was dedicated to ideas of war and peace.
Among the participants of the workshop were people aged 11-30, with different level of dance and movement experience.

Let’s imagine the following for a moment: there are 8 of us. We are in a confined space where we’ve been staying for uncertain period of time. And someone’s voice is giving some very unclear orders… No one knows how long this will last.

Is it possible for me to stay under conditions of pressure, external control and lack of comfort?
What does fear mean to me? Is fear the lack of possibility to think freely and clearly or is it the resource for personal transformation and deeper understanding of yourself?

Production - Olga Labovkina
Location - ArtSpace TOTEM (Kiev, the Ukraine)